Well...the time has come! I am proud to announce the next year which will be full of many surprises from our crew. More than ever, I am studying and seeing so many people make a niche for themselves, carry their dreams into a real business model, and create the life they truly deserve. All of this is dandy, but what about the basics of motivation, leadership and good old fashion gratitude? Have we gotten to a place in our lives where we have lost sight with what we value most? Have we arrived at success and not really stopped to think about who we can mentor and teach to be "their" best? Have we overcommitted to expectations and felt a bit out of balance?  

The answer may vary for many of you on many levels, depending on the question. I have an idea. Write down the first and only reason WHY exactly you are doing everything in your life. Clearly define your goals based on REASONS and back those reasons up with the strongest conviction ever. I guess what I'm getting at is for you to bring your outcomes down to the lowest common denominator and keep them simple and clean. Your brain is going to thrive on what it feels the greatest doing, and it's time to pursue and continue to pursue all that you have truly set out to do.

In the upcoming months, be on the lookout for our programs, trainings, tutorials and all of our programs designed for you to take in, in bite size pieces. Life is truly a process and your personal growth path is a journey. Regardless of what your ultimate goals are; whether you are seeking to be more diligent with your fitness, looking to generate results in business, attempting to accomplish the impossible, learn how to speak, start a business, build strong, trusting relationships, build amazing really doesn't matter. What does matter is that you pursue your dreams, goals, aspirations, and desires with the most effective mindset. At the end of the day, you want to answer "WHY?" you are doing what you are doing - so specifically that you gain an unwavering belief and passion for the path that you are on!

Until next time... build a brand that someone will want to follow, invest in, model after, and even be proud and willing to promote!!!

Tammy Lier
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