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Table of Contents

Introduction 5
How to Pick the Right Topic 6
Working with Restrictions 6
Narrowing Down Your Topic 7
Appealing to a Large Group 10
Keeping Things Simple 11
Know Your Audience 12
Research Your Audience 12
Speeches to Coworkers and Bosses 12
Academic Speeches 13
Seminar Speeches 13
Interact with Your Audience 14
Use an Adaptive Approach 16
How to Write Your Speech 17
Do Your Research 17
Pick Quotes 20
Writing an Intro 20
Using Ice-Breakers 20
Think of Your Introduction as an Instrument or Tool 21
Make your introduction interesting. 22
Drawing a Powerful Conclusion 22
Practice 23
Deliver the Speech to a Friend 23
Make Modifications as You Go 23
Time Your Practice Sessions 24
Ask for Criticism 24
How to Deliver the Speech 25
Get Comfortable with the Crowd and Room 25
Don’t Dwell on Mistakes 25
Stay Calm 26
Deviate from the Notes if Needed, But Not Too Far 28
Don’t Get Intimidated by Questions 28
Conclusion 29
Resources 30

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